Why it's unique

Rate Dishes, not Locations

Hey there, food lovers! We saw a big gap in how we talk about our favorite dining spots, so we cooked up Plately. Forget about just rating a restaurant as a whole; let's get into the nitty-gritty and rate those individual dishes! With Plately, you can remember the plates that rocked your world and skip the ones that were more meh than marvelous. Let's make eating out even more awesome, one plate at a time!

Rate Dishes

Whether it was unforgettable or just plain bad, rate what you had so you know what to order next time.

Get Social

Share your visits with your fellow foodies, and follow them back to see the latest hot spot they've visited.

Know What to Order

Dine confidently! See the highest rated dishes at a location and view the menu before you arrive.

Bookmark Places & Dishes

See something you want to try in your feed? Bookmark the dish or location and add it to your Platelist™.

Keep a Dining Journal

Easily recall your most memorable visits, and view your notes on that restaurant next time you return.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no dishes at the restuarant I'm visiting?

Since Plately is still in its early stages we are still working on building up our database of dishes. If you don't see a dish at a restaurant feel free to add it as you are creating your visit. We are continually working on ways to make this experience easier and more efficient.

Why can't I find the restaurant I'm looking for?

Plately uses miscellaneous data sources to find restaurants and locations. If you can't find the place you are looking for press "Report a missing location" and our team will work to get it added as soon as possible.

How do I find people to follow?

One of the best ways to find people to follow is in the feed. We consistently feature top posts in the app which means you should regularly see new people to follow simply by scrolling the feed. You can also find people to follow by searching for them in the search tab.

Is there a way to go back and edit a visit?

Yes, for 72 hours after posting you can edit your visit. Simply open the visit and tap the three dots in the top right corner then press "Edit Visit" in the bottom sheet. After 72 hours you will no longer be able to edit the visit.